Facts and interesting things

Production of 1 tonne of recycled paper saves about 17 trees, 2.3 cubic meters in landfill, 32,000 liters of water, 4,200 kWh of electricity and 27kg of air emissions.

With the recycling of aluminum from used products, 80 million tonnes of greenhouse gases are produced annually, corresponding to annual emissions of 15 million cars

Every kilogram of aluminum that is used to replace heavier materials in the car will prevent the release of 20kg of carbon dioxide during the car’s life cycle.

In 1990, approximately 28 million tons of aluminum were produced (of which more than 8 million tons were recycled). Today, 45 million tons of aluminum are produced annually (15 million tons of recycling waste).

By 2020, aluminum consumption will rise to 70 million tonnes, with about 30 million tonnes being recycled.

Recycling 1 piece aluminum can save as much electricity that it would be enough to run a computer or TV for 3 hours.

140 liters of water is needed to produce such a small amount of coffee beans that is enough for one cup of coffee.

2700 liters of water is used to make one 250g cotton shirt.

Do you like beef stew? So know that you need up to 15,000 liters of water per kilogram of beef.

If each of us were attentive and would reduce his own water consumption by 10 percent, every year he would save 5500 liters of water.

If we put into the shopping basket the usual products that the average person consumes daily in the developed countries, we would also have to prepare a 3500 liter water tank contained therein.

Lufthansa was the first airline in the world to use biofuels in civil aircraft in 2011. It was then a mixture of kerosene and biofuel derived from vegetable oils and animal fats.

United Arab Emirates’s Etihad Airways dared for the first time to use an ecological alternative to traditional oil-based aviation fuels. The Boeing 787 equipped with a pair of General Electric engines had to cope with the biofuel mixed with traditional aviation fuel and it did a great job. The machine graduated from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam without complications.