Organizations of producer responsibility for packaging (OPR)

For packaging and non-packaging products, which after their consumption have      the potential to end up as municipal waste, it is the responsibility of those who introduced them to the Slovak market. This principle is called extended producer responsibility.

The organization of producer responsibility, in accordance with the authorization granted, ensures the performance of these obligations for the represented manufacturers of the reserved product under a dedicated performance contract.    The purpose of producer responsibility organization is not to make a profit.

The manufacturer of the reserved product according to § 30 odst. 1 is obliged to submit to the Ministry prior to placing the reserved product on the market of the Slovak Republic a written application for registration in the Producer Register of the reserved product and at the same time enclose the manufacturer’s declaration that it will fulfill the reserved obligations individually or attach a certificate pursuant to paragraph 3.

The manufacturer of reserved product is a manufacturer or electrical equipment (§ 32), battery and accumulator manufacturer  (§ 42), packaging manufacturer (§ 52), vehicle manufacturer (§ 60), tire manufacturer (§ 69), non-packaging manufacturer (§ 73).