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Authorized Representatives

Authorized representatives for manufacturers who do not have a place of business operating within the Slovak Republic. The authorized representative is responsible for fulfilling all duties of the manufacturer but acts under his or her own name.

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Specialized Training and Orientation

Joint firm responsibilty, implementation of environmental managerial system, and audits pertaining to environmental regulations.

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Consultation and Customer Care

Processing and interpretation of documents regarding environmental regulations, offers long-term service for clientsvia outsourcing, evaluation of effects on the environment, implemetation of mangerial systems, audits.

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How are we different from our competition,and what are the advantages of choosing us?

  • We are always learning and innovating; self-improvement is a part of our practice. We strive to always exoand our expertise. Search engines and their algorithms are in a constant state of flux and we seek to alter our practices to keep pace with them.
  • If necessary, we operate on weekends, holidays, and even vacations. We will always be available to respond to your e-mails and phone calls.
  • We uphold deadlines and contracts. Our goal is a satisfied customer.
  • We can ensure the fulfillment of our offered[rev] services, either through us or through our partners. High quality is our top priority.
  • 100% discretion. If it is the client's wish, we will not list them among our references or release any information about their consultation. We also work externally for other agencies, and so the client often has no idea who is actually carrying out their services whole phrase, not a good selling point.
  • We work responsibly redundant, as this is an expected business practice.
  • We offer fair service to our clientele, and we do not encourage the customer to employ services they do not need. It is often the case that the client obtains a service such as an audit with the competition to compare it with ours; in many instances, however, an audit is not even necessary, and we can alter your plan to fit your needs.
  • We ensure future stability; we will not abandon our customers in the future and we will continue to inform you of deadlines and offer you complex environmental services(audits, consultation, environmental viablility of waste products, packaging and water).

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